Hello! I run an account for my dog on Instagram, called @genevieve_the_cute_dog. At first, I did it just for fun, to post some photos to share to friends and family. Little did I know that she would become very popular!

As of now, Genevieve has over  23,000 friends! We love collaborating with  brands and businesses, and we post about our daily lives with Genevieve, including travels, and many more creative blog posts. Enjoy!

P.S. The sunflower fields were located in Cortona which we discovered during our European trip to Italy and France during the Summer of 2014!

P.P.S. A plethora of bug bites was the result of that photo! (It was worth it though!) 😉


“I cannot express enough how great and wonderful our experience was. [Elizabeth and Genevieve] made it so easy to get all the details and correspondence together. Thank you [Elizabeth and Genevieve] for everything.”

Waggin’ Tails Barkery

“Working with [Genevieve the Cute Dog]  was very fun and professional. Their team handled most of the heavy lifting and generated really good conversation for our brand. We recommend partnering with them and look forward to working with them again in the future!”

Riker’s Dog Treats

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