I own a spunky Goldendoodle and together, we have fun adventures! I love to go hiking, swimming, and basically anywhere outdoors (I guess the PNW has rubbed off on me!) I also play the violin and piano, and love to read and write. I also have a passion for photography. And I still make room to run my dog’s Instagram account @genevieve_the_cute_dog!

I mentioned this on my home page, but in case you aren’t a thorough reader, I’ll repeat myself: The image that goes along with this section is taken during a trip in the summer of 2014, when we traveled throughout France and Italy. This is a snapshot of the sunflower fields in Cortona, which resulted in me getting a plethora a bug bites. But it was well worth it! I have traveled a lot, and now, I can proudly say I’ve been to over than 10 countries (mostly located in Europe).

Now let’s get down to business! 😉 Please contact us @genevievethecutedog@gmail.com for collaboration inquiries. We review products (not limited to dog products– but preferred), books (either published or drafted), are open to sponsoring events in our area, and becoming a brand ambassador for companies or brands. Just let us know what you are thinking of! We are pretty open minded! 🙂

Elizabeth Prater