Andis Grooming Company Products Review!


So Andis Company sent us some goodies to try out and we thought it deserved a blog post and a YouTube video! Click here for a video of testing out the products! (More specifically, testing out the trimmer)!

Anyway, one of the most exciting things in the package that we received was the Easy Clip Cordless trimmer! If you want to see a video of how it works, refer to our YouTube Video testing the product. But its primary use is for single-coated dogs. Now, Genevieve is a Goldendoodle, and she has more than one layer. However, we found a technique that worked on getting the perfect look without being too choppy.

At first, we just went for it, after doing a deep-through brushing session. We didn’t have a technique; don’t do this. It was very hard and time-consuming. If you purchase this product because of its affordability (less than $100!), you can still purchase this inexpensive option (such as only being made for single-coated dogs) even though you have a double-coated dog. I wouldn’t personally recommend this because it takes longer. But if you really need an affordable trimmer, this is definitely an option.dsc_1089

If you are worried about not knowing how to use the trimmer, don’t worry! It’s super simple to learn how to use. You don’t have to even worry about cutting your pet, because it comes with plastic blades that will control how far you cut!DSC_1247.JPGDSC_1248.JPGThey also sent us some nail clippers, which are essential for every dog!DSC_1245.JPGThis brush is a very productive detangling brush, but it can be easy to accidently snag the skin, so if you decide to purchase this, you should be very careful. But it gets rid of tangles so easily!DSC_1244.JPGAnd of course, every dog needs a regular brush, just for touchups. Since Genevieve is pretty popular her Instagram, she always needs to have her hair all done! 😉

That’s it for this review, folks. Don’t forget to check out Andis Company and all the products they have to offer!

Official Product Names: EasyClip Li, Premium Deshedding Tool, Premium Pin Brush, and Premium Nail Clipper

Thanks for reading. Till next time!


Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored, but products were sent curtesy of Andis Company.