Tips to Keep Your Pet Warm Outside!


Hello everyone,

With the colder weather finally settling in, we need to make sure that our pets are well taken care of. And that means keeping them warm during the winter.

Sure, they have a fur coat. But how cold is too cold?

My rule of thumb is that if it is anywhere close to freezing, to let her go outside for small amounts of times, just to play in the snow if there is any. We moisturize her paws with dog balm (you kind find them from any pet shops online.) The dog balm usually has lots of healthy oils, shea butter, and beeswax.

Look at investing in a good quality coat. Genevieve is a XX Large size, and we have found many good quality coats, so hope is not all lost for you large-dog owners! I wouldn’t recommend booties for most pets, unless it’s particularly wet or snowy in your area. Your dog will probably¬†end up taking them off. But they can look cute as well!

When you¬†take your pet for a walk in the cold, make sure to go on flat elevation and walk slower than usual, to avoid the wind slapping in you and your pet’s face. The wind chill factor can make the outdoors frightfully cold!

Don’t forget about yourself! If you are really cold, retreat back to the indoors. Make sure to cover your head, especially after washing your hair, and wear layers. You could ultimately play inside with your pet if you can to help them get their daily dose of exercise.


Thanks for reading! Till’ next time,

Elizabeth Prater