How to Conquer Your New Year’s Resolutions… with your dog!

Let’s be real, one of your New Years Resolutions is probably to be more active. Whether that means losing weight, gaining muscle, or just going outside more, you’re bound to put one of these on your long list of unrealistic goals.

But being active doesn’t have to be all that difficult. In fact, you can accomplish some of your goals with your furry best friend.

Having a workout buddy is one of the easiest ways to be inspired and motivated and get some endorphins released. But for those that live alone or don’t like others watching them workout, your dog is the perfect pal. That may seem interesting to think about,  because they can’t really tell you to workout, except, they can.

I’ve read a lot of different things, but the most agreed number between scientists on the number of times it takes for something to become a habit is 21. 21 consecutive times is the bare minimum for your brain to continue a certain habit. Your dog is smart. If you go outside during a particular time of day for 21 days in a row, your dog will start to catch on. So if you don’t feel like going on your mile walk, they will beg you, and force you to get off your butt and go exercise.

I walk with my Goldendoodle, Genevieve, right around 2:30 everyday. And if I don’t get her leash, she will sit by my feet and force me to get her harness, leash, poop bags, and to head out the door.

Another good tip is to run with your dog. I personally dislike running, because I can never stay motivated for long enough. But running with your dog is way more helpful, depending on the breed, because they will drag you along. Athletic breeds will enjoy the challenge of trying to run further than you, or will try to keep up.


I mean, who would say “no” to this face? 😉

Thanks for reading!

Till’ next time,

Elizabeth Prater