Ollie Dog Food Subscription Service Review

Ollie was so considerate and sent us a month’s worth of dog food for us to review and tell all of our followers about! Basically, if you don’t know what Ollie is, it is a company that sends a monthly package of your food for the month! By entering in some data that specifies more about your dog’s needs, a package will arrive shortly with all the goodies that should last you four weeks!


Super cute box (very relatable might I add). I got an email five minutes after retrieving my package that it arrived. That is some spooky timing!

Genevieve was obsessed with the food, and she loves it more than her regular kibble! I guess that’s what we get from spoiling her! I love knowing all of the ingredients inside her food! If your pet has allergies, or you have a preference of meat, Ollie will make sure they provide your needs! You can also serve your dog depending on if you need them to lose, gain, or maintain their weight!

A few tips when purchasing from Ollie is to put the dog food in a designated part in your freezer! When you are ready to use the food, defrost a tray the night before, and keep it in the fridge until the tray is empty.

Do you want to see more in-depth what’s inside this Ollie box? Check out our video review on YouTube here.

Thanks for reading!
Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: Ollie provided us with the dog food



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