Bow Wow Film Festival Event Overview!

Hello fellow pet owners and pet lovers,

We were so blessed to be able to make it to the Portland Bow Wow Film Festival. The films were very eye-opening, and each told their own very own story in a unique way. There was animation, and I was super surprised on how touching each one was! There was not one film where I did not smile, laugh, or cry.

I could try to describe each of the films, but I wouldn’t do it any justice. It was truly breathtaking. We went to the Portland event at Hollywood Theater, and this was its first year hosting it there! There was lots of fun interactive activities, including many opportunities to win lots of fun products and even a Q&A with one of the filmmakers (Kacey Klonsky). Look at the bottom of her website in this link for a trailer for her film “Love Unleashed”.

I could go on and on about the show, but just go see it!! đŸ™‚

Huge thanks to everyone who made it possible to attend including Susan Kelley, Rianna Neal, all the filmmakers, the whole Bow Wow Film Fest Team, and the crew working at Hollywood Theater. Keep on touching our hearts with the precious lives of dogs and their owners!

Thanks for reading our review,

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: Tickets for the event were provided by Bow Wow Film Fest, though all opinions are our own.


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