Subscription Boxes for Pets- How to Decide

There are so many subscription boxes for pets, and sometimes, it’s hard to decide which one to order. I’m here to help you break it down!

Disclaimer: All of these subscription boxes were sent to use at different times, but none of these companies sponsored us, and it is nonbiased!


So we test a few boxes that we’d like to share with you! They are Truly Pawsome, PetGiftBox, and the Dapper Dog Box!

If you want to read our review for Truly Pawsome, click here.

If you want to read our review for PetGiftBox, click here.

We haven’t written a blog review for Dapper Dog Box yet, but I’ll write a summary of our experience with this subscription box!

The theme for “The Dapper Dog Box” was junk food! And there were tons of yummy treats relating to these kinds of foods! We loved the donut toy especially from ZippyPaws. We love subscription boxes that have themes! (Truly Pawsome didn’t have a theme, but they mentioned that they are going to work on it soon!)

Overall, I think PetGiftBox is one of our favorite subscription boxes that we have tried out. I think we have received three boxes from them, and their themes make me smile! Their theme for August was fire safety, which I believe is a very important concept, especially in the summertime, and it included some handy things for fire situations as well as some fun items that related to the theme!

However, I would give any of these a go if you are looking forward to buying a subscription box for your pet. It doesn’t even need to be for a whole yeat, you can buy just one box if you please, just to try it out!

Can we just give Genevieve a hand for modeling? She is so cute in ever photo, especially the one below!



Let me know your favorite subscription box in the comments!

Thanks for reading. Till’ next time!
Elizabeth Prater


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