How My Dog Got over 15K Instagram Followers

This is Genevieve. You may know her by @genevieve_the_cute_dog. Anyway, we’ve had an online presence on Instagram for about two years now. Slowly and steadily, she went from 100 followers, to 1000 followers, to 10,000, and so on! Now, she currently has over 18,000 followers. Many people ask us, “How did you do it?” We’re going to unleash some of our secrets!

First of all, we built a niche. We only post photos of Genevieve. Even though it may be tempting to post photos of the beautiful sunset you saw on the beach last night, if it doesn’t have Genevieve in it, we most likely won’t post it (there are some exceptions, but we are usually pretty good about this).

Next, we followed other pets in the same niche category. We made a lot of friends this way! It’s nice to have a support system to fall back on, and you can participate in giveaways with them!


Now I could go on, but you should just read the article I wrote on BlogPaws. It tells you not only how to gain a large following, but also, a loyal following. This is something very overlooked, but it is something very important when developing a successful account.

Thanks for reading, till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater



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