Subscription Boxes for Pets- How to Decide

There are so many subscription boxes for pets, and sometimes, it’s hard to decide which one to order. I’m here to help you break it down!

Disclaimer: All of these subscription boxes were sent to use at different times, but none of these companies sponsored us, and it is nonbiased!


So we test a few boxes that we’d like to share with you! They are Truly Pawsome, PetGiftBox, and the Dapper Dog Box!

If you want to read our review for Truly Pawsome, click here.

If you want to read our review for PetGiftBox, click here.

We haven’t written a blog review for Dapper Dog Box yet, but I’ll write a summary of our experience with this subscription box!

The theme for “The Dapper Dog Box” was junk food! And there were tons of yummy treats relating to these kinds of foods! We loved the donut toy especially from ZippyPaws. We love subscription boxes that have themes! (Truly Pawsome didn’t have a theme, but they mentioned that they are going to work on it soon!)

Overall, I think PetGiftBox is one of our favorite subscription boxes that we have tried out. I think we have received three boxes from them, and their themes make me smile! Their theme for August was fire safety, which I believe is a very important concept, especially in the summertime, and it included some handy things for fire situations as well as some fun items that related to the theme!

However, I would give any of these a go if you are looking forward to buying a subscription box for your pet. It doesn’t even need to be for a whole yeat, you can buy just one box if you please, just to try it out!

Can we just give Genevieve a hand for modeling? She is so cute in ever photo, especially the one below!



Let me know your favorite subscription box in the comments!

Thanks for reading. Till’ next time!
Elizabeth Prater


How My Dog Got over 15K Instagram Followers

This is Genevieve. You may know her by @genevieve_the_cute_dog. Anyway, we’ve had an online presence on Instagram for about two years now. Slowly and steadily, she went from 100 followers, to 1000 followers, to 10,000, and so on! Now, she currently has over 18,000 followers. Many people ask us, “How did you do it?” We’re going to unleash some of our secrets!

First of all, we built a niche. We only post photos of Genevieve. Even though it may be tempting to post photos of the beautiful sunset you saw on the beach last night, if it doesn’t have Genevieve in it, we most likely won’t post it (there are some exceptions, but we are usually pretty good about this).

Next, we followed other pets in the same niche category. We made a lot of friends this way! It’s nice to have a support system to fall back on, and you can participate in giveaways with them!


Now I could go on, but you should just read the article I wrote on BlogPaws. It tells you not only how to gain a large following, but also, a loyal following. This is something very overlooked, but it is something very important when developing a successful account.

Thanks for reading, till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater


How to Write a Compelling Blog Post

Hey there, fellow bloggers. I know it’s hard sometimes to determine whether people really care what you are writing about, so I’m going to break it down in what it takes to become a good article.


If your niche is pets, write about pets, in some way, shape  or form. If you write about something that doesn’t relate to your viewers and followers, you wont’t get as many views, likes, and reposts. When  an email is sent out to all of your followers, they will only click on it if they feel like it will help them in some way, shape, or form. So make it count. You also shouldn’t spend time writing something if it doesn’t have substance.

Hook ‘Em!

When it comes to actually writing the blog post, you need to start with a hook. People will only click to open the article if they feel like it will help their life in some way, shape or form. So come up with something intriguing, whether its in the title, or the beginning excerpt.

It has been scientifically proven by several studies that the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is often neglected when looking at articles. Most people, if not intrigued within the first sentence, or even page, will just stop reading. People really value their time, so write something meaningful.


Voice is one of the things that can make or break an article. It’s the tone that you use that can make readers cry, smile, laugh, and feel emotion. Voice makes the article more than just words on a screen; it brings the article to life. So developing your voice in your posts is highly important.

Here is some tips that I’ve learned over time that really help engage your blog readers. Hopefully this helped in some way, shape or form. I am also formatting my blog posts differently, trying to add headlines, relevant and pin-able images, and even trying to add infographics to make the information that I share more reliable and easier to read with a quick glance. Tell me if you like the new blog formatting. Also, comment some of your suggestions for writing a compelling blog post! I still consider myself a newbie, and I am inspired, but at the same time, just intimidated by all of these amazing pet bloggers. Just strive for success. I remember how excited when Genevieve’s Instagram hit 1,000 followers. But now, with over 18,500+ followers, it seems so surreal, but I also feel achieved!

Here are just three small hints, but believe me, they do wonders!

Thanks for reading, and till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

15 Photo Ideas (Pet Edition)

Everybody talks about writer’s block, but what about photographer’s block? Sometimes it’s hard to come up with some cool photo ideas to supply your followers. So here is 100 ideas I came up with if you ever feel like you don’t want to take the same photos of your dog over and over again.

  1. Take a photo against a white sheet that drapes from the wall (pinned with two pushpins) and across the ground. Then, when you take photos of your pet, and they will end of wrinkling the sheet, you can use Photoshop, or some apps (I use PS Express, which is free) to get rid of the wrinkles. This makes the photo look like professional quality.
  2. Take your dog to the lake and take some photos of them playing fetch.
  3. Take some action shots on the beach (make sure to catch the sprinkles of water in the photo!)
  4. Take photos of them napping. Sometimes, candid is the best!
  5. If you have a sliding door, you can take a photo of them waiting outside, waiting to come in.
  6. Take photos of your pet and a family member or friend cuddling.
  7. Take a photo of them on their back.
  8. Take a funny photo of them on electronics (i.e. paws on a laptop keyboard or phone)
  9. Photoshop their face on a famous painting, or on other people. It’s very funny, and people will get a kick out of it!
  10. Show them doing a trick (i.e. holding a paw out, standing on hind legs, etc.)
  11. Have them balance something, and make the object fun, as long as it doesn’t damage them!
  12. Dress them up, just as it doesn’t restrict their mobility.
  13. Have them reading a book, or magazine.
  14. Put them on a couch.
  15. Do something funny with their hair, if they have hair.

I hope that these photo ideas helped out in some way! I know that I could of used this when I was feeling like I had nothing to write about!


Thanks for reading, till’ next time!
Elizabeth Prater