Pet Gift Box Haul!

Ah, the best time of the month is when you get mail and realize that your Pet Gift Box is here. It’s literally a super happy moment, where I just want to jump up and grab the clouds in the sky and send them a kiss– okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but still. If you haven’t heard of Pet Gift Box, it’s a subscription company for pets. I love it because it is relatively inexpensive, because you get a ton of goodies delivered to your door. How convenient in our busy lives?!

I guess my favorite part is that they support smaller businesses. I have gotten to talk and work with some companies that I found in these boxes. Maybe you can find your new obsession with Pet Gift Box!

Okay, first of all, the packaging is just adorable! When you open it up, it always has some cool sticker and wrapping that relates to the theme each month. A lot of subscription boxes don’t have themes, so I’m glad this one does!


The best thing in this box is probably the beach ball toy. I mean, it is so cute, it squeaks, and it can be used as a prop for photos! The company is Petlou, if you want to check them out.

Also, we are not sponsored by Pet Gift Box at all. They sent us two months worth of goodies to test out and tell our Instagram followers about. This part was totally optional, but we really wanted to write something about them since they were very generous about their offer.

Then, there was the Flip Flop Rope Toy for Dogs, which is THE COOLEST IDEA EVER! I mean, just look at it. It comes from Bow Wow Pet, and promotes good dental health.

Genevieve broke her other chilly bone we got a long time ago, so I’m glad we received a new one! It is from multipet, and it is so easy to use! You just wet it and stick it in the freezer! I highly recommend buying these, because it keeps your dog occupied, yet it is helping their teeth and lasts very long!

This is an interesting product. It is the all natural Fro-Yo To Go freeze-dried yogurt dog treat by the Bear & the Rat in Sweet Potato Carrot Flavor. Genevieve was so excited to try these and she loved them! I guess what they say is true: Good things do come in small packages.

And last, but not least, Isle of Dogs Everyday came out with a Chillout Soft and Chewy dog Treats! Everything is so awesome about this company, even the packaging and logo!

Genevieve was obviously intrigued by the package. Want to see the products individually? Check out our YouTube video!

Thanks for reading!

Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater




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