Photos To End a Friday!


Hello! It’s been a long week! I realized that I don’t often share many photos of Genevieve in a typical blog post, let alone dedicate a whole post. So here is a ton of photos that I’ve shared on my Instagram! Enjoy!






Our First Guest Post!

Hey everyone! We have exciting news to share… we wrote a guest post for BlogPaws!

Our article “How to Build a Large and Loyal Following on Instagram” highlights how we have over 18,500 followers on Instagram, and how they actively engage on our account. We reveal some secrets of our success, step by step!

This is such an exciting opportunity, and we’d like to personally thank Maggie Marton, and all of the staff on BlogPaws for allowing us this amazing opportunity! We look forward to hopefully guest posting again in the near future.

Thank you for reading, till next time.

Elizabeth Prater

Image courtesy of Retriever Tails, Edited by Scott the Toller

Seven Dogs in Heaven eBook Review

You should probably grab a tissue box for this beautifully crafted story…


Seven Dogs in Heaven by Angelo and Leland Dirks, Illustrated by, is a tear-jerker for sure.

This story takes you down an unusual path, but really digs deep, and defines the purpose of life, and makes you reflect on things you have overlooked in the past. A man who passes away isn’t quite done yet, because all of the dogs in his life still have something to stay.

One little thing that really tied the story together is that they included a quote about the chapter at the beginning of each one. Another thing I appreciate is that this book had substance. It’s so disappointing to pick up a promising book, and realize that it’s nothing but a repeat of another book, and not creatively done at all. That’s why I was really happy when I was reading this, because the way the author wrote this was very original way, and portrayed a different idea than other authors.

I don’t want to say too much, because I feel though this book is best when you go into it with a clean mindset, and not know what to expect. Prepare for some tears, and some laughter. These dogs you will meet are full of personality, and you will start to wonder what your own pet’s intentions are.

Thank you Leland R. Dirks for the eBook. I really appreciated you enlightening me. I definitely recommend this book to any dog-lover, I guarantee a smile on your face by the end.

“Friendship love. This is a very special thing. It’s the sort of love where you know another being’s strengths and weaknesses, perfections and imperfections, and you love the whole package.”
Angelo Dirks, Seven Dogs in Heaven   

Thank you for reading. Till’ next time,

Elizabeth Prater

How to Create an Instagram Theme

Sometimes it’s hard to create a theme and continue it successfully on your Instagram account. I get it. After owning a successful account for two years, it definitely has gone through some construction. Here’s some tips that helped me continue a steady feed!


First of all, you need to decide if you are going to use filters, edits, or keep your photos natural. After this is decided, you will have a better understanding and visually know the kind of look you want to achieve. Having a visual goal will help you be more consistent.

After you decide, you need to stick to your decision. So let’s say you use filters, try to use the same filters, because when people look at your feed overall, it will look more visually appealing.

Now, you can actually decide how to take the photos. Maybe you are going to include a certain color in all of your photos, maybe you are going to take all of your photos against the same color background, etc. This is the fun part, because you can get creative with your posts. We personally just try to stick to whites, creams, and blues in our photos. Sometimes it takes a while to develop a theme, so don’t be disappointed. it’ll take a while, but it’ll be worth it.

If you have really good photo that doesn’t fit with your theme, you could possibly edit it to fit. Or, you can use Instagram stories, or create a behind-the-scenes account.

So thank you for reading, and good luck with your Instagram journey! Till’ next time,

Elizabeth Prater


How to Make Money Blogging

Okay, we all get it. Even though you have a strong passion for writing, you didn’t just start a blog for nothing. You want to turn that passion into cash, and today, I’m going to highlight exactly how to do that.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, and only use freelance writing part of the time. This is not a tutorial for getting a steady income, but instead, some cash on the side.

There are several ways to do this. One way is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not something to invest in, unless your blog is super-popular. Basically, companies will pay you when someone clicks your special link (epc), and you will receive part commission if they order something. I find that companies that already have an established program for influencers are less open to unsolicitized offers, so if you are looking to pitch an idea, stray away from these kinds of companies, because they will most likely not be interested.

You can also guest blog. Guest blogging is super common, and it is an easy way to get some attention towards your own blog, unless it’s ghost writing, and earn some extra cash. Besides, you can use those guest blog posts as personal displays of achievements as you move on to approach more established publications. Guest blog around your niche because this will direct the right kind of audience towards your blog.

Another way to make some money is to write sponsored blog posts. Their is a ton of agencies that allow you to see campaigns that you can apply for that will make you some extra cash. Please only apply for campaigns that fit within your niche.

There are many other ways to make money, but these are just a few to get you started. Hopefully this article helped you in some way.

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!
Elizabeth Prater

My Dog’s YouTube Channel!

I kind of just want to dedicate a post about our YouTube channel, because it only has 23 subscribers as of now. Here is a link.

Basically, we post product reviews and just some longer shots of Genevieve. We are planning upcoming videos that include trick tutorial, recipes, and more! You should definitely subsribe and be a part of the fun!

Thanks for reading this incredibly short post! I just wanted to bring some more traffic to that site!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time.

Elizabeth Prater

Amazing Pet Artwork!

Okay, we were thrilled when Buddy and Grace sent us beautiful artwork of Genevieve, my Goldendoodle. We have never seen a portrait like this before!


We hang it now above the desk I use for my small freelance business that revolves all around Genevieve. Tons of people compliment this piece when they come over!

We found this frame at IKEA, and it was a little difficult to find the right size. I would definitely recommend knowing what frame you want beforehand, because it was a ltitle difficult finding a perfect match.

We also are planning to use this artwork at a blogging conference. If we set up a little area, then we can put this piece on an easel, so everyone can know who we are!

Honestly, I just love it a lot! If you are willing to put in the effort of finding a frame, I would go get one for your pet! These posters are only $69, and are 50×70 cm. The fun part is that you can personalize it to your own taste, by adding text and suggestions for the artists when you place your order.


You can compare Genevieve to the size of the poster!


Anyway, check out Buddy and Grace! Also, check out the YouTube video we made for them here.

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: All thoughts and ideas are of our own. This article was not influenced by the company in any way, shape or form. However, this artwork was gifted as a present, so that we could share it with our viewers/followers on our platforms. We would not share an article if we didn’t believe it was relevant to our readers.

Dog Apparel Haul!

Pawsazz sent us some awesome dog apparel for Genevieve to try out and tell our followers/viewers about. My dog has never worn boots before, so this was an interesting experience!


These boots actually do stay on the dog and are made of waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) with a heavy nylon Pack Cloth around the sole of the boots for added protection.  The soles of the boots are made of slip & abrasion resistant Toughtek (I learned a new word!).  The straps are made of woven elastic and hook & loop tape with a reflective material on the outer surface for night time.  The boots are available in 7 sizes to fit most breeds.  Custom sizes are also available for hard to fit dogs.
The collar and lead are made of tubular nylon with ribbon sewn on one side.  Tubular nylon is extremely strong while also being very soft, so it won’t break, but it feel confortable. It also won’t cause rope burn for the walker.  The swivel clip on the wide lead is Heavy Duty nickel plated.  There is a strong side release buckle on the collar.  The D-ring on the collar is die cast so that there isn’t an opening that can separate for those hard pullers.  The 1″ collar is available in 2 sizes – Medium and Large.  There is also a thinner width that is available in X-Small, Small and Medium. All of the leads are 6 feet long, however customs sizes are also available.  There is a variety of ribbons that can be sewn on the nylon if you want to jazz your collar up!
Now that we got all of the information out in the open, I love the pattern of these, and have never seen anything like it. I have only seen short boots, but typically, those are not as secure. These tall one are harder to put on, but they become more secure so that they won’t fall off.
I also love this leash and collar, because they match with the boots, but they don’t have to be worn together.
Definitely go check out Pawsazz, because their products will make you want to buy their whole shop! We also made a YouTube video for them. Click here to watch it.
Thanks for reading!
Elizabeth Prater
Disclaimer: We worked with this company for this post but they did not influence our ideas in anyway, shape, or form.

The Most Posh Collars Ever!

Jolie Dog has the cutest collars ever! We learned this after receiving two of them.



First of all, the packaging was adorable. I have never seen something wrapped this cute before! Also, the patterns are equally as cute! The top one looks nautical, and the bottom one is in my favorite pattern!



And look how great they look on her! Jolie Dog’s collars have different settings so that the collars will fit the dog’s neck nice and snug without hurting the pet! I honestly have no complaints about this company, because everything they seem to do is absolutely perfect! If you are looking for some chic gifts for your pooch, I would definitely check out Jolie Dog!

I could go on and on about them, but why don’t you just go check them out? Here is their Instagram!

Thanks for reading. Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: We collaborated with this business but that affected this article in no way, shape, or form. No paid compensation was gained in this post.


Pet Gift Box Haul!

Ah, the best time of the month is when you get mail and realize that your Pet Gift Box is here. It’s literally a super happy moment, where I just want to jump up and grab the clouds in the sky and send them a kiss– okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but still. If you haven’t heard of Pet Gift Box, it’s a subscription company for pets. I love it because it is relatively inexpensive, because you get a ton of goodies delivered to your door. How convenient in our busy lives?!

I guess my favorite part is that they support smaller businesses. I have gotten to talk and work with some companies that I found in these boxes. Maybe you can find your new obsession with Pet Gift Box!

Okay, first of all, the packaging is just adorable! When you open it up, it always has some cool sticker and wrapping that relates to the theme each month. A lot of subscription boxes don’t have themes, so I’m glad this one does!


The best thing in this box is probably the beach ball toy. I mean, it is so cute, it squeaks, and it can be used as a prop for photos! The company is Petlou, if you want to check them out.

Also, we are not sponsored by Pet Gift Box at all. They sent us two months worth of goodies to test out and tell our Instagram followers about. This part was totally optional, but we really wanted to write something about them since they were very generous about their offer.

Then, there was the Flip Flop Rope Toy for Dogs, which is THE COOLEST IDEA EVER! I mean, just look at it. It comes from Bow Wow Pet, and promotes good dental health.

Genevieve broke her other chilly bone we got a long time ago, so I’m glad we received a new one! It is from multipet, and it is so easy to use! You just wet it and stick it in the freezer! I highly recommend buying these, because it keeps your dog occupied, yet it is helping their teeth and lasts very long!

This is an interesting product. It is the all natural Fro-Yo To Go freeze-dried yogurt dog treat by the Bear & the Rat in Sweet Potato Carrot Flavor. Genevieve was so excited to try these and she loved them! I guess what they say is true: Good things do come in small packages.

And last, but not least, Isle of Dogs Everyday came out with a Chillout Soft and Chewy dog Treats! Everything is so awesome about this company, even the packaging and logo!

Genevieve was obviously intrigued by the package. Want to see the products individually? Check out our YouTube video!

Thanks for reading!

Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater