RAW Feeding Dog Food? Our Opinion!

Genevieve eats kibble. She always had. She’s only had wet dog food several times, but we prefer kibble. But we approached Vital Essentials after hearing rave reviews by some of our doggie friends on Instagram. We weren’t sure what to think of it, so we decided to give it a go and Vital Essentials sent us some products to try out. We wanted to inform all of you on whether or not to make the switch to RAW food or not, and our personal, unbiased opinion. Every dog is also different, and this diet works for some very quickly, and others slowly.

We first were intrigued by the health benefits of switching to raw dog food. Vita Essentials was so kind and sent us a little pamphlet, along with a print out of some information we need to know on getting started. We are really appreciative, because we know that they are a source we can trust for our blog post.

Sometimes with kibble, food can be cooked or processed in a way in which it basically eliminates some of the vitamins and minerals. Vital Essentials do not add any synthetic vitamins, minerals, or artificial preservatives, but goes as far as having an exclusive 48-hour “slow” freeze drying process that locks in the vital nutrients without cooking the raw meet. Now that, is a company that cares about pets’ health. VE freeze-dried foods do not have a need for refrigeration unlike a lot of treats, and still contains fresh, life sustaining nutrients that are hard to find in other dog foods.

They gave some really good tips on how to feed your dog and introduce them to raw dog food on their site, so if you want to access that, you can just click here.

So now, I want to talk about how we actually liked the products. Genevieve was a bit hesitant. We haven’t fully transitioned her into the new diet, but instead, taking Vital Essential’s advice, started feeding a little bit of it to her each day.

We have only been doing this for two weeks now, so I haven’t seen any reals significant results at the moment. But I’m very thankful for Vital Essentials and that they gave us this opportunity! You should definitely check them out!

Thanks for reading!

Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: No paid compensation was gained through this post. Vital Essentials offered some of their products for us to try in order for us to inform our readers. We only write about information that is relevant to our blog and ourselves.



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