The Best Dog Brush Ever. Period.

I’m not even lying when I say I’ve discovered the best dog brush ever. I’ve been on the search for a brush works easily but gets rid of a lot of hair and helps my dog’s fur become tangle-free.


So this is my dog Genevieve.


And this is her when she isn’t groomed. As you can tell, she has A LOT of fur. And we need to tame this wild beast. Here’ how we tamed her.


(We are currently undergoing making a photo studio, so the product photos will get better, I promise!) This is from Hart Pets. On its website, it got rave reviews, and I was looking for a new brush so I wanted to try it out. We have been looking for a new brush since the bristles in our old one are falling out!

I have to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about it removing 3x more fur. But honestly, I believe it after using it!


The bristles are interesting, which makes me even happier. Since Genevieve’s old brushes never lasted, I am hopeful that this brush is built better, and that the bristles won’t fall out like most dog brushes!


This was after like one minute of brushing. ONE MINUTE. I was shocked. This easily gets out all of the tangles in my dog’s ears. It almost cuts the hair that can’t be brushed out, which is very great. Also, Genevieve doesn’t mind being brushed! That is something that I am very happy about when we received this brush!


I’ve only owned three other dog brushes, but this has definitely worked the best. I can tell that it is going to last for such a long time.  Super happy that we found this brush. You should check this out. Thank you so much Hartz Pets. I found a hidden gem!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: The company sent us this brush, but we chose the product to write an unbiased review about. I sincerely love this brush, and would actually buy it myself if I ever needed a dog brush! No cash compensation was gained from this article.



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