5 Things to Remember with Dogs

Sometimes, we forget the little guidelines that comes with owning a dog. I mean, as hard as it is to believe, our furry friends can get into a heap of trouble! Here is a brush-up on some lessons we learned early on!

  1. Always clean up their messes! Whether they went to the bathroom on a public lawn, or knocked something over, please take care of it! I hate seeing public lawns trashed when owners never take care of their pets! Also, if you dog does something to furniture or any item belonging to someone else, make sure to take care of it. By owning a dog, you are in charge of their actions.
  2. Keep them on-leash when other dogs are around/ in general! My dog, Genevieve, gets anxious sometimes around dogs, because she was attacked by one as a puppy. Ever since then, she has been a little nervous, and sometimes barks at dogs when they come to close. Please keep them on a leash, all dogs are different. When applicable by the law, you may take off their leash. But even though you think your dog is the best trained dog, you don’t know about other people’s pets.
  3. Keep water at hand! A lot of people neglect this, but it is highly important! Dogs need more water than humans, because they are more physically active. Don’t just give water to your pet when they are panting; Make it available to them at all times! Your furry friend will thank you!
  4. Give them attention! Dogs can get depressed from laying in a house or apartment all day alone. Make sure that when you can, take them to certain restaurants, events, and activities! I know it’s hard between work and life in general, but your time spent with your dog influences their attitude! Besides, a little exercise is always a good idea!
  5. Be aware of dog’s neck when walking them with a leash. Collars can strain a pet’s neck if they are forceful when going out for a stroll, so it might be better to invest in a comfortable harness to provide ultimate comfort within your pet!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater




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