Pet Isn’t Eating Food?

Ah. We’ve all had those picky-eater dogs or cats who only like a specific brand of food. Or maybe an upset stomach causes our pets to not eat well that day. We always worry about malnutrition for our pets.  I mean, we don’t want them to be hungry! Here is some tips to give them the little nudge they need to get them back on their feet again!

We’ve had our fair shares of these experiences. One time when Genevieve got sick, she couldn’t even walk properly. We had to help her eat, and these are some of the tips that helped us do that. You can read in more detail about the event here.

One trick I’ve learned is to sprinkle some of the dog’s treats into the food bowl. This makes them have more motivation to eat. Don’t put full treats in the bowl, just split them or somehow divide them. We usually give her beef jerky, so we can just crumble it in her bowl.

Another tip is to not watch over their bowl 24/7. I know Genevieve, our Goldendoodle, hates it when we watch her when she eats. This can help your pet feel more comfortable and will help them eat.

Maybe a change of scenery would help! Change the food dish’s location. Perhaps your pet is associating the location with an experience and is avoiding it. Animals are incredibly smart. Perhaps we can’t tell, behind all of their barking and meowing, but underneath all of that fur, there is quite the personality!

Thanks for reading. Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater


2 thoughts on “Pet Isn’t Eating Food?

  1. LB Johnson says:

    That’s great advice. Abby – our senior rescue was very picky with her food (and she can’t eat grains). We found some grain free tiny training treats and would sprinkle those on her food. Welcome to the BlogPaws Community!

    LB Johnson and Abby Lab


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