Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits

Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits sent us some awesome treats to review! They are so beautifully packaged… well see for yourself!


I love pastel colors, because it makes the packaging look so pretty and classic! This would definitely  catch my attention if I saw these in a store!


And their logo and tagline is so cute also! This company has it all down!

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Look at these three biscuit choices too! Wild Berry Scones, Banana Pudding, and Tartes Aux Pommes! So fancy!


She loves her treats! She was so excited to eat them!


If you want the best for your pet, order from Leela Ryan. Very pumped that we got the chance to collaborate with them. Check out the YouTube video we made!

Thanks for reading. Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

P.S. We are working in collaboration with this company, but our thoughts and ideas are not influenced by Leela Ryan. No paid compensation was gained from this post.





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