Happy Independence Day + Giveaway!

4th of July in America is a time we take for granted. We consume barbecued goods and laugh with friends, only to forget what we are celebrating. We are celebrating our freedom. Our freedom to follow our own religion, publically speak our ideas, and many other things that other countries do not have. So please, do not take this day for granted. We are blessed, those of us that live in America, for these rights that many have fought for.

And if you don’t live in the U.S., have a fantastic day anyway! 🙂

We have a giveaway on Genevieve’s Instagram giving 4 bags of treats each to 4 winners! Enter here!


Look at those goodies!! Yum! Thanks Plato Pet Treats for hosting this amazing contest!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

P.S. Please take care of your pets today! July 5th is apparently the busiest day in shelters in an entire year! Millions of dogs run away from home, due to the anxiety caused by fireworks and owners being away! Also, make sure that your furry friends don’t eat human food from the barbecue! Some of these foods we eat seem harmless to our pets, but they aren’t! Check out our latest post for a list of 5 things for pets that are toxic that you never knew! Be safe and have fun! 🙂

Disclaimer: No paid compensation was gained from this post. We are only working in a creative collaboration with this company. All opinions are out own.



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