Plato Pet Treats Review + Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I hope you have been having a good week and summer so far! It’s finally July, and that means we’re going to tell you about another awesome product that we have been loving recently. Plato Pet Treats was so generous and sent us a box of delicious treats! Genevieve was more than happy to test them out for our review! 😉

DSC_7064.JPGSo if you couldn’t tell, Genevieve was in her happy place during this photo. I mean, who wouldn’t? She has her owner right in front of her, treats beside her, and shade during the sunny day! But these treats were so delicious! Genevieve couldn’t stop eating them!

If you care about your pet, you probably would want organic foods and only the very best for them! Of course you would! That’s why we love Plato Pet Treats. They are organic and very up-front about what they have in them. I absolutely hate it when companies try to make it seem like their stuff is healthier than the others. Because a lot of times, it isn’t. Not Plato Pet Treats! They are a very honest company, and working with them has been very smooth!

DSC_7045.JPGThe first thing we tried out was the Small Bites Salmon Recipe Dog Treats. Long title, but short ingredients list! That’s what I love about Plato Pet Treat. The ingredients list is limited, and makes me feel more safe. I like knowing what I am feeding my dog.

Anyway, these treats are grain free, have over 60% salmon, and contains NO artificial preservatives, flavors, or bioengineered ingredients. It also contains zinc and antioxidant vitamins E & C. If you aren’t up to date with health science, this supports the skin tissue!

These treats are also slow roasted in their ovens. So if your dog is a sensitive chewer, this treat is absolutely perfect! They are made in California too.

DSC_7049.JPGExcuse Genevieve’s paw, but she really wanted to get a taste of this! This is the Natural Duck Dog Treats, made with over 90% duck. There are no by-products or meals, and it contains iron!

Another thing I admire about Plato Pet Treats is that their goal is to provide alternatives that are healthier than the typical processed, cheaper, and easier food to access for pets in stores. But this is affordable and nutritious! How much better can it get than that?!


The Thinkers Chicken Dog Treats have over 90% chicken and contains brain nourishing DHA. So this is not only tasty for your pet, but it helps support brain functions! What? Talk about a great treat!


The Hundur’s Crunch Fish Treats for Dogs are jerky fingers! They contain 100% fish, and are 100% natural, sustainably sourced from cold, clean Icelandic waters. And once again, rich in Omega 3! This means it supports healthy skin, coat, and clean teeth. There are zero additives or colors. They also help remove tartar.

Another thing about Plato Pet treats is that they are committed to help dogs. They donate to local animal rescues and US veteran programs with proceeds from every bag sold. You can read about it here!

So this is our rather long write up about this company. But I’m glad you have come this far. I would definitely recommend looking them up!

Disclaimer: We are working in collaboration with this business, but they did not influence our article in any way, shape, or form. We used our own thoughts and ideas.

But now that you made it down here,  it’s time for the GIVEAWAY!!!! Click this link to enter. It’s on our Instagram! Check out the YouTube video we made for this awesome company!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater


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