The Best Dog Brush Ever. Period.

I’m not even lying when I say I’ve discovered the best dog brush ever. I’ve been on the search for a brush works easily but gets rid of a lot of hair and helps my dog’s fur become tangle-free.


So this is my dog Genevieve.


And this is her when she isn’t groomed. As you can tell, she has A LOT of fur. And we need to tame this wild beast. Here’ how we tamed her.


(We are currently undergoing making a photo studio, so the product photos will get better, I promise!) This is from Hart Pets. On its website, it got rave reviews, and I was looking for a new brush so I wanted to try it out. We have been looking for a new brush since the bristles in our old one are falling out!

I have to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about it removing 3x more fur. But honestly, I believe it after using it!


The bristles are interesting, which makes me even happier. Since Genevieve’s old brushes never lasted, I am hopeful that this brush is built better, and that the bristles won’t fall out like most dog brushes!


This was after like one minute of brushing. ONE MINUTE. I was shocked. This easily gets out all of the tangles in my dog’s ears. It almost cuts the hair that can’t be brushed out, which is very great. Also, Genevieve doesn’t mind being brushed! That is something that I am very happy about when we received this brush!


I’ve only owned three other dog brushes, but this has definitely worked the best. I can tell that it is going to last for such a long time.  Super happy that we found this brush. You should check this out. Thank you so much Hartz Pets. I found a hidden gem!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: The company sent us this brush, but we chose the product to write an unbiased review about. I sincerely love this brush, and would actually buy it myself if I ever needed a dog brush! No cash compensation was gained from this article.



RAW Feeding Dog Food? Our Opinion!

Genevieve eats kibble. She always had. She’s only had wet dog food several times, but we prefer kibble. But we approached Vital Essentials after hearing rave reviews by some of our doggie friends on Instagram. We weren’t sure what to think of it, so we decided to give it a go and Vital Essentials sent us some products to try out. We wanted to inform all of you on whether or not to make the switch to RAW food or not, and our personal, unbiased opinion. Every dog is also different, and this diet works for some very quickly, and others slowly.

We first were intrigued by the health benefits of switching to raw dog food. Vita Essentials was so kind and sent us a little pamphlet, along with a print out of some information we need to know on getting started. We are really appreciative, because we know that they are a source we can trust for our blog post.

Sometimes with kibble, food can be cooked or processed in a way in which it basically eliminates some of the vitamins and minerals. Vital Essentials do not add any synthetic vitamins, minerals, or artificial preservatives, but goes as far as having an exclusive 48-hour “slow” freeze drying process that locks in the vital nutrients without cooking the raw meet. Now that, is a company that cares about pets’ health. VE freeze-dried foods do not have a need for refrigeration unlike a lot of treats, and still contains fresh, life sustaining nutrients that are hard to find in other dog foods.

They gave some really good tips on how to feed your dog and introduce them to raw dog food on their site, so if you want to access that, you can just click here.

So now, I want to talk about how we actually liked the products. Genevieve was a bit hesitant. We haven’t fully transitioned her into the new diet, but instead, taking Vital Essential’s advice, started feeding a little bit of it to her each day.

We have only been doing this for two weeks now, so I haven’t seen any reals significant results at the moment. But I’m very thankful for Vital Essentials and that they gave us this opportunity! You should definitely check them out!

Thanks for reading!

Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: No paid compensation was gained through this post. Vital Essentials offered some of their products for us to try in order for us to inform our readers. We only write about information that is relevant to our blog and ourselves.


5 Things to Remember with Dogs

Sometimes, we forget the little guidelines that comes with owning a dog. I mean, as hard as it is to believe, our furry friends can get into a heap of trouble! Here is a brush-up on some lessons we learned early on!

  1. Always clean up their messes! Whether they went to the bathroom on a public lawn, or knocked something over, please take care of it! I hate seeing public lawns trashed when owners never take care of their pets! Also, if you dog does something to furniture or any item belonging to someone else, make sure to take care of it. By owning a dog, you are in charge of their actions.
  2. Keep them on-leash when other dogs are around/ in general! My dog, Genevieve, gets anxious sometimes around dogs, because she was attacked by one as a puppy. Ever since then, she has been a little nervous, and sometimes barks at dogs when they come to close. Please keep them on a leash, all dogs are different. When applicable by the law, you may take off their leash. But even though you think your dog is the best trained dog, you don’t know about other people’s pets.
  3. Keep water at hand! A lot of people neglect this, but it is highly important! Dogs need more water than humans, because they are more physically active. Don’t just give water to your pet when they are panting; Make it available to them at all times! Your furry friend will thank you!
  4. Give them attention! Dogs can get depressed from laying in a house or apartment all day alone. Make sure that when you can, take them to certain restaurants, events, and activities! I know it’s hard between work and life in general, but your time spent with your dog influences their attitude! Besides, a little exercise is always a good idea!
  5. Be aware of dog’s neck when walking them with a leash. Collars can strain a pet’s neck if they are forceful when going out for a stroll, so it might be better to invest in a comfortable harness to provide ultimate comfort within your pet!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater



Dog’s Paw Pads Rough? Here’s How to Fix It!

Okay, I know it ain’t normal to check your dog’s paws. But recently, I happened to notice that Genevieve’s paws were very rough, even cracking in some areas. I, being the protective owner of my best friend, decided to go to my trusty sidekick, Google, and promptly searched, “Dog’s Paw Pads Rough? How to Fix It?” Hence, the reason I named the article this. I hope that this article will help some of you that deal with the same issues with your pet!

We have this problem with Genevieve’s feet, especially in be summer and winter months. In the winter, snow can leave her paws chapped, and during the summer, hot pavement can leave her paws dry and cracked. We didn’t realize that there was such thing as dog balm until we were looking through the products @worldofangus. We decided to give it a go, and the product actually works! After applying this for a week and daily, her the bottom of her paws are more moist and stronger! The best part: Genevieve doesn’t mind it AND it is edible! Thanks @worldofangus for this sweet remedy! I will definitely get some more after we finish this container!DSC_7583.JPG

We actually have a discount code for all of our followers because we feel that this product (along with others this company sells), is a necessity when owning a dog. Use our code “GENEVIEVE” for 15% off your purchase. Click this link to read more about the product/ potentially buy!😊


Advice: Let the balm sit for a few moments on the paws before resuming with normal activities. This is to prevent the balm from rubbing into the ground and to let it fully sink in, to get the full effect!


Look who’s excited about her product! Soft paws=happy Genevieve!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: We are working in collaboration with World of Angus but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Brushing Dog’s Teeth? Our Experience

Take a look at your canine’s teeth. Are they pearly white, have some yellow, or are plain brown? I learned after researching a bit for writing this blog post, that it isn’t just about the color of the teeth, but the condition of the dog’s gums.

If you haven’t brushed your dog’s teeth before, let me tell you: It ain’t easy. Dog’s are particularly sensitive around their gums, and it just turns into an unpleasant event. To avoid this, it is recommended by veterinarians to start brushing your dog’s teeth when they are a puppy, so they become used to the activity, even if your puppy’s teeth look fine. This will save you in the long run.

Anyway, we didn’t know all of these things. We only brushed her teeth once a year (pretty sad, right?). Her breath never smelled, and we thought that was the important thing. But I started to hear that dog’s teeth could fall out, and I was immediately scared, and started researching right away.

Genevieve’s teeth haven’t fallen out yet *knock on wood*. We usually gave her dental treats that cleaned her teeth. But we soon realized that tarter that has built up over the years can’t simply disappear with just treats.

We didn’t know how to start however. But thanks to Hartz Pet Products & Supplies, I think we got the hang of it.DSC_7713.JPG

They sent us this dental kit. It came with a finger brush, a duel-sided brush that had two different angles, and toothpaste. I really recommend getting a kit like this instead of going out to buy the toothpaste separately and using a human brush. Regular toothbrushes may work, but this brush the kit included guarantees easy access in your pet’s mouth.

I don’t personally like using the finger brush. Genevieve isn’t aggressive or anything, but I find it not to have as strong bristles as the toothbrush. The thing I love about the toothpaste is that dogs can digest it! So if you are afraid that your dog will start licking the toothpaste, there is no need to worry! Besides, when your dog licks the toothpaste, it will actually clean their tongue and freshen their breath! It’s a win, win!

We have been brushing Genevieve’s teeth every so often for a couple of weeks, so I haven’t been brushing her enough to see progress at the moment. But Genevieve has been gaining tolerance, and is less reluctant for the time to brush her teeth. Very proud of her and this product! We will be making a part. 2 of this article in the future, maybe in a few months, with progress photos!

Thanks Hartz! We are one step closer to that Hollywood smile!

Thank you! for reading! Till’ next time,

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: We are working in collaboration with this company but they did not influence this article in any way, shape, or form. All thoughts are our own. No paid compensation was gained from this post.




How I Named My Dog

My dog’s name is Genevieve! We always get a lot of comments on our Instagram account about this, so we decided to explain in this post!

Madeline is a book series/doll collection/film/everything-a-girl-could-want, and I was obsessed with them while I was a young girl. Basically in the story, this French girl, Madeline, falls into the Seine. A golden retriever came and saved this girl, and they formed a bond. This dog’s name was Genevieve. I recall saying, “If I ever get a dog, I’ll name her Genevieve!” So that’s what we did!

This was an extremely short post, but it was asked frequently so I decided to clear it up!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!
Elizabeth Prater


Pet Isn’t Eating Food?

Ah. We’ve all had those picky-eater dogs or cats who only like a specific brand of food. Or maybe an upset stomach causes our pets to not eat well that day. We always worry about malnutrition for our pets.  I mean, we don’t want them to be hungry! Here is some tips to give them the little nudge they need to get them back on their feet again!

We’ve had our fair shares of these experiences. One time when Genevieve got sick, she couldn’t even walk properly. We had to help her eat, and these are some of the tips that helped us do that. You can read in more detail about the event here.

One trick I’ve learned is to sprinkle some of the dog’s treats into the food bowl. This makes them have more motivation to eat. Don’t put full treats in the bowl, just split them or somehow divide them. We usually give her beef jerky, so we can just crumble it in her bowl.

Another tip is to not watch over their bowl 24/7. I know Genevieve, our Goldendoodle, hates it when we watch her when she eats. This can help your pet feel more comfortable and will help them eat.

Maybe a change of scenery would help! Change the food dish’s location. Perhaps your pet is associating the location with an experience and is avoiding it. Animals are incredibly smart. Perhaps we can’t tell, behind all of their barking and meowing, but underneath all of that fur, there is quite the personality!

Thanks for reading. Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Earth Bath Product Review!

I am so excited to announce that we are working with Earth Bath! We were stoked to receive some awesome products for them! We are creating this first blog post to shareour initial response to the packaging. Then, we will create an additional one of Genevieve actually using the products!

So, if you didn’t already tell by the title of the company, Earth Bath, sells hygiene products for pets! Here’s what we picked  out!

We chose these ear wipes, which are great for any dogs, but especially for those with floppy ears. Goldendoodles especially are prone to ear infections, so these ear wipes make it easy to avoid! We have tried solutions and other things, but these by far are the easiest! This contains witch hazel, a natural cleanser and astringent, plus a sumptuous mix of nature’s finest plant extracts with gentle therapeutic and deodorizing properties. If you want to read more about how to manage a Goldendoodle, click here.

We also chose two shampoos. One is a waterless shampoo/grooming foam for sensitive skin! It is fragrance free, and very practical. If we don’t want to go through the process of a bath, but need Genevieve to be clean, this is what we use for some guests coming over! This product contains no soap, gluten, DEA, parabens, synthetic dyes or perfumes, SLS/SLES, phthalates, or enzymes and is animal cruelty free. The ingredients include purified water, renewable plant-derived and coconut-based cleansers, aloe vera, vitamins A, B, D & E, glycerin, natural preservative. Sounds pretty good, huh?

The other one, Eucalyptus & Peppermint, is the BEST smelling thing ever! We haven’t used it yet, but we are very excited! The fragrant oils help relieve pets of their most common topical skin problems while acting to cool and relieve irritated skin associated with flea bites and other dermatitis. Loving this!


Thanks again, Earth Bath! Check out the YouTube video we made for them here!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are of our own and were not at all influenced by this company. No paid compensation was gained from this post.


Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits

Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits sent us some awesome treats to review! They are so beautifully packaged… well see for yourself!


I love pastel colors, because it makes the packaging look so pretty and classic! This would definitely  catch my attention if I saw these in a store!


And their logo and tagline is so cute also! This company has it all down!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look at these three biscuit choices too! Wild Berry Scones, Banana Pudding, and Tartes Aux Pommes! So fancy!


She loves her treats! She was so excited to eat them!


If you want the best for your pet, order from Leela Ryan. Very pumped that we got the chance to collaborate with them. Check out the YouTube video we made!

Thanks for reading. Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

P.S. We are working in collaboration with this company, but our thoughts and ideas are not influenced by Leela Ryan. No paid compensation was gained from this post.