Top 10 Pure Dog Breeds to Own

Thinking of adopting? Or do you just want to see where you pet falls in this list? Here is the top 10 pure dog breeds, building up to #1! For another article, we are going to talk about our favorite cross-breeds!

But first, there is at least five things you should consider when you are choosing a pet, (if you don’t have one already).

  1. Temperament (personality)- Is this dog compatible with you? Your human best friend is compatible with you, which means your dog best friend must be too! Never settle for getting a dog you haven’t met. Sure, they could mold into your personality over time, but it’s nice to see if they are compatible at the start.
  2. Size- Keep this in mind if you have family, or when considering the practicality. You could live in an apartment and there are some regulations. Or maybe one of your children is afraid of large dogs. There are many things to consider when looking at the size of a dog, so be careful.
  3. Obedience- This can be obtained by training or even attending a puppy school. But make sure you know what you are signing up for if you get a rowdy dog. They can be more fun at times, but can leave a huge mess. Obedient dogs still know how to have fun!
  4. Energy Level- Are you an older person that can’t constantly walk your dog? Would you need a dog walker? Are you student that needs to study and can’t handle a dog bouncing off the walls? This is something very important to consider.
  5. Upkeep- Please excuse this rather harsh word, but this is SUPER important. Some people can not afford to take their pet every few months for a groom. Can your sink fit a whole retriever for washing? In reality, you want your dog to be the most comfortable they can be. And you can’t achieve that if you aren’t ready for all of the responsibilities. These things can include trimming toenails, trimming hair around their face, bathing weekly, daily walks, activities, etc.

And now, for the actual list! (Disclaimer: I believe all breeds have their strengths and weaknesses. There is no actual “best breeds”. These are just some that popped up when researching and came to mind. I supported all of them with my research and with some of our doggy friends from Instagram!)


10. Boston Terrier- These are extremely friendly dogs! They bond well with kids, so if you are a large family, this is a great option. However, it does need something to chew to keep its mouth busy.

This is our Boston Terrier friend Primrose from Instagram! (@primrosetheboston) Did you know Boston Terriers can also rock a sweater? (Just one of their many perks!)





9. Maltese- This dog is great for people with allergies because it doesn’t shed a lot and they get along with other pets! It was actually bred for companionship, so if you need a companion, the maltese is your go-to! Talk about a best friend!

Look how handsome is Beau? (Beau in French means handsome)! Check  out @thehandsomebeau for endless of adorable photos. Like it says in their bio, they are “Capturing hearts one day at a time.” ❤




8. King Charles Spaniel-  These are active yet elegant and calm dogs. They are easier to take care of so they are great for older people since they are loyal. This breed is typically a show dog, but they are super sweet and work well in families.

This is Ollie. She’s seven years old and loves to play! You can keep up with her adventures here. Just from this photo I can tell why they are used commonly for shows! They are super beautiful!




7. Rottweiler- This breed is super gentle with family and friends but is strong enough to protect them. Overall, they are just well-rounded! They are also incredibly smart!

This is Black, a new friend of mine on Instagram. Their account is so adorable!




6. Jack Russell Terrier- Talk about a fun dog! They are an active breed but is very trainable and loyal! They like to have attention, so make sure you devote some play time with them if you are looking towards adopting one!

Our favorite Jack Russell Terrier is Jesse! You might of seen his YouTube Channel before. It’s incredible what Jesse and his owner, Heather, have done with their social media presence. You should also check out some photos from their Instagram!




5. German Shepherd- German Shepherds are very protective of their families which makes them a good family dog. They are also very smart. They are so smart in fact, they were the top 3 smartest dogs on a list accumulated by

This is Nala, who is just a little puppy at the moment! Follow her daily adventures on her Instagram!




4. Border Collie- I’ve met several border collies and they all have different personalities. Some are more gentler, and others are more bouncy! But these were originally bred to control flock out on farms. Because of this, they have great problem solving intelligence, and are arguably one of the brightest dogs.

Dasher here from @dasherbordercollie participates in a ton of agility, but has time for adorable photoshoots as well!




3. We are rounding a close with this article with our top 3 left! For #3, we chose the lovely… POODLE! They were bred for hunting and water retrieving. And despite the stereotype, they actually aren’t French (only toy poodles are). They are German! Beeindruckend! (wow!) They are fun to be around and they are smart!

Say hello to Bentley @bentley_the_poodle who is a standard parti poodle! He’s a cutie!




2. Labrador Retriever- Did you know that this was the most popular breed in the U.S. for 23 years in a row? These dogs were built for the active lifestyle, and are great companions in general. You got to love ’em!

Henry is fulfilling his active lifestyle in this photo! But he also has a soft side! Check out his Instagram!




1. And taking the #1 spot on our list… the Golden Retriever! Hence the name, this pet retriever very well, displaying good agility. They are great service animals, because of their compassion, and I have known of few that have went into therapy work! But they also make the best family dogs because their obedience and their constant companionship, through the ups and downs of the life that we live in.

This is Cupcake, which is one of the cutest names ever! Her Instagram makes me smile so much! And who couldn’t smile when they see this photo? I mean come on?!




Thanks for reading everyone! Hopefully this blog post helped you if you were considering getting a dog! Or honestly, I just binge-read these “top 10” articles all of the time because they seem so intriguing to me! Let us know what you thought of the users we chose in the comments! Here’s some quick links to the sites we found our info from!


Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

P.S. My dog is a Goldendoodle, which I think is a fabulous cross-breed! If you want to read more about Goldendoodles, I wrote an article about them here!










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