Island Belle Jewelry Review!

Island Belle Jewelry sent us this beautiful necklace!DSC_6937.JPG

It is a gold triangle, and we received ours at a shorter length (I believe it was 18″) so it is higher up on my neck, sort of like a more classy choker.

DSC_6942.JPGHere is a close up. I would suggest getting a little longer chain if you don’t like knowing you have a necklace on at all times. It doesn’t tug on you or anything, you just notice it more when it is shorter.

DSC_7010.JPGGenevieve was intrigued! We showed her what we received in the mail, but she scoffed. “What, no treats for me?”

But seriously, this necklace is very high quality and we were very lucky to receive it! I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants a new layering necklace. This shop also has a lot of tropical-themed jewelry, so that seems like a lot of fun to wear during the summertime!

I also got tons of compliments on this necklace!


But then she realized how cute it was!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: Yes we were working in collaboration with this company, but they did not influence any of our opinions! 🙂


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