Bringing Pets on Vacation?

Do you have the urge to travel, but have a pet or multiple pets? If you said yes to this first question, this blog post is perfect for you!

Ah, summer. It’s the time where we engulf those fresh summer vibes and undertake adventures. I personally love traveling. I have been to 11 states and 11 countries total! In most of my travels, we unfortunately have to leave my sweet Goldendoodle, Genevieve, behind. But sometimes, she has tagged along!DSC_4361.JPG

I know, it’s hard. That little furry face is the first thing you want to wake up and see. But unfortunately, we can’t always bring them along. Here is some questions you can ask yourself to determine whether you should bring your furry friend along!

  1. Will your overnight stays accommodate pets? Whether it is staying with family, or staying at a hotel, make sure you know your limits. There may be difficulties from allergies, to extra fees!
  2. Have you educated yourself about that particular form of transportation? If you are going on a plane and your pet is not going to be a passenger, inform yourself on how they will be handling your dog or cat.
  3. Do you have an anxious pet? This influences the amount of traveling the pet can participate in. Remember, these pets will not be as pleasant on flights and long car rides, etc.
  4. Is it nearby? Closer locations are easier to travel to with your furry companion. There are so amazing places to visit right in our backyard! These spots are better for your pet to tag along.
  5. Will my pet be comfortable? This kind of goes along with the other questions, but it is still HIGHLY important. We like to think selfishly, and crave that cute photo of us with our pets in a tropical location. But in reality, if it costs them their security and trust in you, why would you sacrifice that? Your relationship with your pet is much more important. When you come home, your dog/cat will be even more happy to see you!

You have plenty of options if you decide to leave your furry friend behind! Perhaps they could stay with a willing friend that can dog-sit! Or put them in a boarding place with other pets! There are plenty of options!

Yes, we love our pets. But this summer is OURS and we need to rejuvenate and make the most of every second. You can still take endless of photos of your pet and make memes of them when you come back. So hello sunshine!!!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

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