Awesome Pet-Themed Shirts!!!

Ah! I cannot explain the excitement I felt when we received these cute shirts from Peace Love Paws! They are fantastic quality, and I have received tons of compliments from wearing them!

DSC_6932This is the baseball tee we received. It says, “She loves 3 good things: A good friend, a good laugh, but most of all, a good dog.” I really love this so much. We got it in a slightly larger size so that I could wear it with leggings! I wear it comfortably at long baseball tournaments, and this is actually the color scheme of the team that I support! 🙂

DSC_6933How cute is this logo?!!

DSC_6926Peace Love Paws sent us an extra shirt! We were surprised and thankful! This is just a regular t-shirt, but I wanted to emphasize this beautiful design. It really captures the love between a dog and a girl! It is a little wide around the neckline, so if you don’t like that, I would get a slightly smaller size than you usually wear!DSC_6948

I haven’t seen anything close to this design in stores or online! It truly is original and a work of art!

DSC_6928Makes my heart absolutely melt!DSC_6927Part of the proceeds go back to numerous shelters around the U.S. How great is that? They have so many other things to chose from, such as bags, sweatshirts, and more! Check out their website!

Want to see photos of the t-shirts next to Genevieve, our Goldendoodle? We’ll be posting soon on our Instagram!

Thanks for reading! Till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: We are working in collaboration with this company, but all opinions are our own.


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