Riker’s Dog Treats Review!

Hello everyone! Riker’s Dog Treats sent us some goodies to review! Here is our blog post that explains our thoughts on the products!

DSC_6588.JPGSo Genevieve was so excited to dive into these treats, like any sane dog would. I love how cute and practical the packaging is! Since one of my family members plays a lot of baseball, I can see myself bringing these with my dog to the games to keep her content.

We got the “Apple Honey” flavor and “Peanut Butter Banana” flavors. Some constructive criticism for the company would be to come up with more creative flavors. The dog treats were great, but I guess it was nothing special. Since there are so many competitors in this industry, I would make something that really stand out from the rest. That is just some feedback!

Anyway, we love the fact that it is ALL NATURAL and made from HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS! Loving the goodness!

Overall, I would definitely support this business, and you will make your pet very happy by ordering!! Watch the YouTube video review for these treats!

Check out our last post here.

Thanks for reading! ‘Till next time!

Elizabeth Prater



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