Nak Snacks Review

Hello! We recently received the coolest treat from Nak Snacks! At first, we weren’t really sure what they were, and if they were any good. They are made from Nak milk, salt, and lime juice. Sounds weird right? Even looking at them, it seems strange!DSC_6629.JPGLet me be the first to tell you: Boy was I wrong! Genevieve hasn’t given this treat a rest since we opened it!

DSC_6661.JPGShe eats it sort of like a popsicle! She also uses both of her paws, which is very adorable by the way!DSC_6654.JPGNone of these photos were staged! Genevieve really did spent over an hour working on this!DSC_6636Can’t have much more fun than this! Genevieve is allergic to chicken, so I am very happy that we don’t have to worry about her allergies when she eats this delicious treat! They are 100% organic, 100% natural, they have no GMOs, no preservatives, and are grain-free!

A flaw in bone-like treats, is that they get too sharp and can get dangerous. I appreciate that this company has put that in mind, and made it so that if you microwave this treat for 30 seconds, the pieces become 3x larger and less pointy. Very cool!

DSC_6625.JPGThey also sent us these flakes to top her food with or give as an individual treat!

Want to see more? Check out the YouTube video we put up about this sweet company!

Thanks always for reading!

Till’ next time,

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: Yes, we were working in collaboration with this business. No, this did not influence any of our opinions.


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