Waggin’ Tails Treats Review!

Hello everyone! Waggin’ Tails sent us this treat that Genevieve absolutely loved!!

DSC_6410.JPGWe got the kind called “Bella’s best”, which contained zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, carrots, peanut butter, whole wheat flour, oats, and egg! Sounds weird? Well Genevieve could hardly contain her excitement!

Genevieve’s favorite flavor is pumpkin, which kind of makes sense because she was born in October! I know what her new morning treat is going to be! 😉

These treats can be put in the freezer up to a month if you want to save them for later, too!

Thanks again, Waggin’ Tails!
Their info:

Website: http://www.waggintailsbarkery.com or http://www.waggintailsbarkery.etsy.com

Instagram: http://www.waggin_tails_barkery_

Email: waggintailsbakery@gmail.com

Thanks always for reading!
Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: Yes, we were working in collaboration with this company. However, all opinions were of my own!



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