Photography Tips

Hello! As I am an avid traveler and have a dog with a popular Instagram account, I have obtained photography skills over the years. I’d like to share a few with you!


Shutter-speed, sports mode, or if taking pictures with an iPhone, clicking the volume button quickly, is one of the best ways to get great expressions when taking photos of pets. Sometimes, my dog Genevieve is not the most willing subject. All she wants to do is observe the world, so it’s hard for her to get her to look at the camera. This was one of the many photos taken on sports mode with our Nikon camera. We zoomed in so you could see the priceless expression on her face!


Bokeh- A Beautiful Japanese photography technique where the background becomes blurred in a graceful manner. You will see this technique especially around the holidays with Christmas lights. To achieve this look, you have to position the camera a certain distance from the subject, and focus in on just the subject. This is hard to achieve on a smartphone. For better instructions, you can look on any photographer tutorials website. I learned from trial and error, which is harder to explain! ūüėČ


More subtle bokeh was obtained in this photo of Genevieve. It makes the picture more pleasant to look at! Bow from So Cal Play Pals.


SAY NO TO FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot tell you enough how badly these photos usually turn out. If you want better lighting, get a natural lamp, which is what we use in a lot of our photos. Rarely do these photos look amazing on a pet. It hurts the dog/cat’s eyes, annoys them, and creates an almost “fake look”. Don’t get me wrong, it can look amazing, but if you are an amateur photographer like me, it’s sometimes best to veer from this deceiving mode!


However, this photo taken with flash turned out pretty good! Sometimes, you just got to try and see if it works! Another bow also from So Cal Play Pals! (How cute are these holiday bows?!)


Try new angles! It is so boring to see dog pictures¬†that are not interesting. So get on your pet’s level, and take some amazing photos!¬†This is one of my favorite photos of Genevieve by the way!


Capture life in its finest. You don’t have to stage everything. Life is so beautiful already! This is in Burano, Italy. I loved the people talking casually in the left of the photo, and street hanging on the lines. It brought me a lot of attention to their culture, and made me relive these experiences!


This photo was also taken in Venice of a dog on a boat! It’s so cool to take interesting photos unexpectedly! That’s what makes me love traveling so much!

Thanks for reading! Even though I just started this blog, I already feel a lot of support! We also got over 100 hits! Very exciting to me! So thanks again!

‘Till next time!

Elizabeth Prater

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