10 ways to relax AND be productive!

Hello everyone! I know that when summer is right around the corner, we all can seem to take a break from our jobs and schooling, not caring as much. But it seems like this is the time to put in extra effort into finals, and maybe adding a few hours onto your work schedule to save up for that vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s ways to be productive, yet you can also watch T.V. or Netflix . The time will go by quicker, making it less grueling!  Multitasking can be helpful, just not during studying or work 😉

  1. Sort through all of your pens! (I know this sounds excruciating, but trust me, you will be thankful when you are all set in case you need to jot down something during a phone call. Throw out all of those that don’t have ink or refill the cartridges if you have the extra time ! It’s something you can do while watching reruns of Psych!)
  2. Sharpen your pencils
  3. Go through your email inbox (to put in the extra effort, unsubscribe to all platforms you aren’t interested in receiving newsletters from anymore to save time in the future).
  4. Do your nails! (I’m going to count this as productive, because who doesn’t want great cuticles?!)
  5. Write your agenda for the week! (Shopping lists, dinner plans, appointments, etc.)
  6. Plan your outfits for the week!
  7. Dust a bit while watching T.V.!
  8. Do exercises during commercials (try holding planks for the length of all of the commercials!)
  9. Finish a project you have been putting off (whether it is sewing your dog’s toy or gluing that tile back in the backsplash!)
  10. Play with your pets. Your dog/cat will enjoy any time you give them. So cuddle on that couch or play around on the carpet. No time spent on a dog is ever wasted!

I hope these  tips were helpful. Let’s try to make it through this week with a good attitude! Do not stress about the little things, because in the end, it is the moments filled with joy that we will want to remember.

Philippians 4:13- “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Elizabeth Prater


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