Andis Grooming Company Products Review!


So Andis Company sent us some goodies to try out and we thought it deserved a blog post and a YouTube video! Click here for a video of testing out the products! (More specifically, testing out the trimmer)!

Anyway, one of the most exciting things in the package that we received was the Easy Clip Cordless trimmer! If you want to see a video of how it works, refer to our YouTube Video testing the product. But its primary use is for single-coated dogs. Now, Genevieve is a Goldendoodle, and she has more than one layer. However, we found a technique that worked on getting the perfect look without being too choppy.

At first, we just went for it, after doing a deep-through brushing session. We didn’t have a technique; don’t do this. It was very hard and time-consuming. If you purchase this product because of its affordability (less than $100!), you can still purchase this inexpensive option (such as only being made for single-coated dogs) even though you have a double-coated dog. I wouldn’t personally recommend this because it takes longer. But if you really need an affordable trimmer, this is definitely an option.dsc_1089

If you are worried about not knowing how to use the trimmer, don’t worry! It’s super simple to learn how to use. You don’t have to even worry about cutting your pet, because it comes with plastic blades that will control how far you cut!DSC_1247.JPGDSC_1248.JPGThey also sent us some nail clippers, which are essential for every dog!DSC_1245.JPGThis brush is a very productive detangling brush, but it can be easy to accidently snag the skin, so if you decide to purchase this, you should be very careful. But it gets rid of tangles so easily!DSC_1244.JPGAnd of course, every dog needs a regular brush, just for touchups. Since Genevieve is pretty popular her Instagram, she always needs to have her hair all done! 😉

That’s it for this review, folks. Don’t forget to check out Andis Company and all the products they have to offer!

Official Product Names: EasyClip Li, Premium Deshedding Tool, Premium Pin Brush, and Premium Nail Clipper

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Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored, but products were sent curtesy of Andis Company.




Tips to Keep Your Pet Warm Outside!


Hello everyone,

With the colder weather finally settling in, we need to make sure that our pets are well taken care of. And that means keeping them warm during the winter.

Sure, they have a fur coat. But how cold is too cold?

My rule of thumb is that if it is anywhere close to freezing, to let her go outside for small amounts of times, just to play in the snow if there is any. We moisturize her paws with dog balm (you kind find them from any pet shops online.) The dog balm usually has lots of healthy oils, shea butter, and beeswax.

Look at investing in a good quality coat. Genevieve is a XX Large size, and we have found many good quality coats, so hope is not all lost for you large-dog owners! I wouldn’t recommend booties for most pets, unless it’s particularly wet or snowy in your area. Your dog will probably end up taking them off. But they can look cute as well!

When you take your pet for a walk in the cold, make sure to go on flat elevation and walk slower than usual, to avoid the wind slapping in you and your pet’s face. The wind chill factor can make the outdoors frightfully cold!

Don’t forget about yourself! If you are really cold, retreat back to the indoors. Make sure to cover your head, especially after washing your hair, and wear layers. You could ultimately play inside with your pet if you can to help them get their daily dose of exercise.


Thanks for reading! Till’ next time,

Elizabeth Prater

How to Conquer Your New Year’s Resolutions… with your dog!

Let’s be real, one of your New Years Resolutions is probably to be more active. Whether that means losing weight, gaining muscle, or just going outside more, you’re bound to put one of these on your long list of unrealistic goals.

But being active doesn’t have to be all that difficult. In fact, you can accomplish some of your goals with your furry best friend.

Having a workout buddy is one of the easiest ways to be inspired and motivated and get some endorphins released. But for those that live alone or don’t like others watching them workout, your dog is the perfect pal. That may seem interesting to think about,  because they can’t really tell you to workout, except, they can.

I’ve read a lot of different things, but the most agreed number between scientists on the number of times it takes for something to become a habit is 21. 21 consecutive times is the bare minimum for your brain to continue a certain habit. Your dog is smart. If you go outside during a particular time of day for 21 days in a row, your dog will start to catch on. So if you don’t feel like going on your mile walk, they will beg you, and force you to get off your butt and go exercise.

I walk with my Goldendoodle, Genevieve, right around 2:30 everyday. And if I don’t get her leash, she will sit by my feet and force me to get her harness, leash, poop bags, and to head out the door.

Another good tip is to run with your dog. I personally dislike running, because I can never stay motivated for long enough. But running with your dog is way more helpful, depending on the breed, because they will drag you along. Athletic breeds will enjoy the challenge of trying to run further than you, or will try to keep up.


I mean, who would say “no” to this face? 😉

Thanks for reading!

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Elizabeth Prater


Ollie Dog Food Subscription Service Review

Ollie was so considerate and sent us a month’s worth of dog food for us to review and tell all of our followers about! Basically, if you don’t know what Ollie is, it is a company that sends a monthly package of your food for the month! By entering in some data that specifies more about your dog’s needs, a package will arrive shortly with all the goodies that should last you four weeks!


Super cute box (very relatable might I add). I got an email five minutes after retrieving my package that it arrived. That is some spooky timing!

Genevieve was obsessed with the food, and she loves it more than her regular kibble! I guess that’s what we get from spoiling her! I love knowing all of the ingredients inside her food! If your pet has allergies, or you have a preference of meat, Ollie will make sure they provide your needs! You can also serve your dog depending on if you need them to lose, gain, or maintain their weight!

A few tips when purchasing from Ollie is to put the dog food in a designated part in your freezer! When you are ready to use the food, defrost a tray the night before, and keep it in the fridge until the tray is empty.

Do you want to see more in-depth what’s inside this Ollie box? Check out our video review on YouTube here.

Thanks for reading!
Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: Ollie provided us with the dog food


Bow Wow Film Festival Event Overview!

Hello fellow pet owners and pet lovers,

We were so blessed to be able to make it to the Portland Bow Wow Film Festival. The films were very eye-opening, and each told their own very own story in a unique way. There was animation, and I was super surprised on how touching each one was! There was not one film where I did not smile, laugh, or cry.

I could try to describe each of the films, but I wouldn’t do it any justice. It was truly breathtaking. We went to the Portland event at Hollywood Theater, and this was its first year hosting it there! There was lots of fun interactive activities, including many opportunities to win lots of fun products and even a Q&A with one of the filmmakers (Kacey Klonsky). Look at the bottom of her website in this link for a trailer for her film “Love Unleashed”.

I could go on and on about the show, but just go see it!! 🙂

Huge thanks to everyone who made it possible to attend including Susan Kelley, Rianna Neal, all the filmmakers, the whole Bow Wow Film Fest Team, and the crew working at Hollywood Theater. Keep on touching our hearts with the precious lives of dogs and their owners!

Thanks for reading our review,

Elizabeth Prater

Disclaimer: Tickets for the event were provided by Bow Wow Film Fest, though all opinions are our own.

“The Returns” Book Review by M.K. Clinton

If you are looking for a funny yet touching read, this is definitely the book you need. I mean, what else combines Mardi Gras, spies, and a sad hound dog with an interesting past? If that doesn’t make you at least slightly curious, I’m not sure what will!


Come join the canine spy team that includes a fashionista, a over-superior Chihuahua, and many other fun characters, as they try to defeat the bad guys! Even though it may sound silly, in which many cases it is, it is also very touching, and covers the topic of life, and makes you ponder about what goes inside the head of your very own pets!

The book starts very fast-paced. Right away, action! but I’m not going to say what, because I want it to be a total surprise for when you guys read it!


One of my favorite quotes is, “The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”-M.K. Clinton. This quote was actually on the screen during the Bow Wow Film Festival! I was so happy they included that during the films, and it was cool knowing that I read one of her books!


The author and I have been in touch briefly, and she even signed my book, and said, “Keep laughing!”

Thanks for reading this very vague review, but if I wrote anymore, then I don’t think it would be as exciting! I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself!

mkclinton2  Also, super excited to read the next installment!

Thanks for reading! Also, special thanks to M.K. Clinton to sending us a copy of her fabulous read! Click this link to see “The Returns” on Amazon!

Elizabeth Prater

Bow Wow Film Festival

If you haven’t heard of Bow Wow Film Festival, you’re missing out! It’s basically a premier of selected dog films that tough your hearts, make you laugh, cry, and smile! We are so excited to be guests at the Portland show on October 16th at the Hollywood Theatre! This is a screenshot of the remaining dates and locations of their tour! There is still time!

October 14 Lowell 900 Chelmsford Street
Lowell, MA 01851
Benefit for Lowell Humane Society
buy tickets

General admission is only $10 online, $15 at the door.

Kids 12 and under are $5 online and $10 at the door

October 14 Ridgway 604 Clinton St
Ridgway, CO 81432
Benefit for Second Chance Humane Society
buy tickets
October 15 Carbondale 427 Main St
Carbondale, CO 81623
Proceeds to C.A.R.E – Colorado Animal Rescue
buy tickets
October 16 Portland 4122 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97212
Benefit for Oregon Humane Society
buy tickets
October 16 Montrose 121 North West Fourth Street
Montrose, CO 81401
Benefit for Second Chance Humane Society
buy tickets
October 17 Hendersonville 147 1st Avenue E
Hendersonville, NC 28792
Benefit for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
buy tickets
October 22 Minneapolis 4817 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Benefit for Wags & Whiskers, Twin Cities Pet Rescue, and Safe Hands Animal Rescue
buy tickets
November 03 Santa Cruz 1124 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Benefit for Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project and Santa Cruz Animal Shelter

All proceeds (100%) go to event beneficiaries! For the Portland show, the Oregon Humane Society is the chosen organization in which the proceeds will go to. Once we heard about this, we knew that we had to be there. Some venues even allow you to bring your pet! (Make sure to check first).

This is the first year the Portland show is on the tour, which started in 2014. Usually, the events have several activities besides the films, but since this is the first year for the Portland show, they are only having a raffle to win a dog-friendly night stay in a King Suite room at a local hotel!


The theme this year is ‘Celebrating the Human-Canine Bond’, and we take a look of the world of service animals and the relationships between ourselves and our furry friends! They don’t show any controversial films, so don’t worry about brutal scenes! 🙂 It’s all smiles and hugs at this film festival!

If you happen to live in any of these areas, you should definitely come. It’s 90 minutes of your day in which you will cherish with your laughter and tears. We’ll definitely post about our experience there.

Let us know if you’re coming!

Elizabeth Prater



Subscription Boxes for Pets- How to Decide

There are so many subscription boxes for pets, and sometimes, it’s hard to decide which one to order. I’m here to help you break it down!

Disclaimer: All of these subscription boxes were sent to use at different times, but none of these companies sponsored us, and it is nonbiased!


So we test a few boxes that we’d like to share with you! They are Truly Pawsome, PetGiftBox, and the Dapper Dog Box!

If you want to read our review for Truly Pawsome, click here.

If you want to read our review for PetGiftBox, click here.

We haven’t written a blog review for Dapper Dog Box yet, but I’ll write a summary of our experience with this subscription box!

The theme for “The Dapper Dog Box” was junk food! And there were tons of yummy treats relating to these kinds of foods! We loved the donut toy especially from ZippyPaws. We love subscription boxes that have themes! (Truly Pawsome didn’t have a theme, but they mentioned that they are going to work on it soon!)

Overall, I think PetGiftBox is one of our favorite subscription boxes that we have tried out. I think we have received three boxes from them, and their themes make me smile! Their theme for August was fire safety, which I believe is a very important concept, especially in the summertime, and it included some handy things for fire situations as well as some fun items that related to the theme!

However, I would give any of these a go if you are looking forward to buying a subscription box for your pet. It doesn’t even need to be for a whole yeat, you can buy just one box if you please, just to try it out!

Can we just give Genevieve a hand for modeling? She is so cute in ever photo, especially the one below!



Let me know your favorite subscription box in the comments!

Thanks for reading. Till’ next time!
Elizabeth Prater

How My Dog Got over 15K Instagram Followers

This is Genevieve. You may know her by @genevieve_the_cute_dog. Anyway, we’ve had an online presence on Instagram for about two years now. Slowly and steadily, she went from 100 followers, to 1000 followers, to 10,000, and so on! Now, she currently has over 18,000 followers. Many people ask us, “How did you do it?” We’re going to unleash some of our secrets!

First of all, we built a niche. We only post photos of Genevieve. Even though it may be tempting to post photos of the beautiful sunset you saw on the beach last night, if it doesn’t have Genevieve in it, we most likely won’t post it (there are some exceptions, but we are usually pretty good about this).

Next, we followed other pets in the same niche category. We made a lot of friends this way! It’s nice to have a support system to fall back on, and you can participate in giveaways with them!


Now I could go on, but you should just read the article I wrote on BlogPaws. It tells you not only how to gain a large following, but also, a loyal following. This is something very overlooked, but it is something very important when developing a successful account.

Thanks for reading, till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater


How to Write a Compelling Blog Post

Hey there, fellow bloggers. I know it’s hard sometimes to determine whether people really care what you are writing about, so I’m going to break it down in what it takes to become a good article.


If your niche is pets, write about pets, in some way, shape  or form. If you write about something that doesn’t relate to your viewers and followers, you wont’t get as many views, likes, and reposts. When  an email is sent out to all of your followers, they will only click on it if they feel like it will help them in some way, shape, or form. So make it count. You also shouldn’t spend time writing something if it doesn’t have substance.

Hook ‘Em!

When it comes to actually writing the blog post, you need to start with a hook. People will only click to open the article if they feel like it will help their life in some way, shape or form. So come up with something intriguing, whether its in the title, or the beginning excerpt.

It has been scientifically proven by several studies that the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is often neglected when looking at articles. Most people, if not intrigued within the first sentence, or even page, will just stop reading. People really value their time, so write something meaningful.


Voice is one of the things that can make or break an article. It’s the tone that you use that can make readers cry, smile, laugh, and feel emotion. Voice makes the article more than just words on a screen; it brings the article to life. So developing your voice in your posts is highly important.

Here is some tips that I’ve learned over time that really help engage your blog readers. Hopefully this helped in some way, shape or form. I am also formatting my blog posts differently, trying to add headlines, relevant and pin-able images, and even trying to add infographics to make the information that I share more reliable and easier to read with a quick glance. Tell me if you like the new blog formatting. Also, comment some of your suggestions for writing a compelling blog post! I still consider myself a newbie, and I am inspired, but at the same time, just intimidated by all of these amazing pet bloggers. Just strive for success. I remember how excited when Genevieve’s Instagram hit 1,000 followers. But now, with over 18,500+ followers, it seems so surreal, but I also feel achieved!

Here are just three small hints, but believe me, they do wonders!

Thanks for reading, and till’ next time!

Elizabeth Prater